Staff, Coaches and Program Managers

Cloud based team management that simplifies every aspect of e-sports team management. ​

Bringing Professional Team and Player Management to E-Sports​


We assist School’s and After-school programs to build their program around four basic pillars

  • Student development and leadership

  • The promotion of sport and program,

  • Positive representation of the school or after-school Program

  • Having fun

Players who have completed in our program will be properly trained to exude the highest levels of leadership, confidence and sportsmanship in and outside of the arena

The best platform for Esports Management and Program Design​

Develop your Students

Help your students become premier candidates for colleges & professional teams through Goal Setting, Cooperation, Teamwork, Self Discipline and Leadership Courses

Grow your Program

Personalized and Customize your Team Page
Player and Team Showcase
Social Media Integration
ESport Education Platform
Team and Player Season, Division and Historical League Statistics

Build your Team

Record, manage and view team and player stats
Full player and team history by game, competition and season
Structured season with division based play-offs
Customize your school’s team page and manage your players profile pages 

Link up and Share

Social profile for players and staff on our Social Network & Forums
Add in your teams and player Facebook and Twitter Feeds
Private groups & pages
Email players for group activity

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