Players & Students

"The Achievements of a team is the result of the combined effort of each player."
- Vince Lombardi

There is more to the game then just knowing your match ups, cool downs, frame data and load outs. To be apart of a winning team you’ll have to exude the highest levels of leadership, confidence and sportsmanship.


Goal Setting

Esports Nebula will give you the tools to set goals and experience the thrill of achieving them. You’ll strive to set personal bests and gain the utmost confidence in your skills, abilities and knowledge allowing you to transfer this success from in game to real world.



Improving isn’t only measured by what you do to win, but who you do it with. Learning how to better collaborate, communicate and cooperate work with your teammates is the key; it means putting aside differences for the greater good of the team in order to win.



To be good a player you’ll need the disciplined in all areas of your life. We’ll teach you how to create and adhere to a morning routine, keep your scheduled appointments, keep yourself in good health and further build the skills that the workplace demands.


Taking Accountability

In the middle of a team fight it can be hard to focus and your calls or plays may not always by successful. It could directly lead to your team loosing. We’ll show you how to handle a loss and how to take responsibility for what went wrong instead of blaming it on your teammates.

There is more to Esports than a Solo Queue


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