E-Sports Nebula is a sports team management platform that simplifies every aspect of e-sports team management.

Team organizers, coaches, managers, instructors: E-Sports Nebula gathers everything you need in one single online tool! Manage your team members; organize your games and practices; invite your players, parents and fans to your team’s events; prepare your formation and lineup; store and analyze your stats, whatever your sport; offer your team members a place to share their passion and communicate with their teammates.

Also available on iPhone and Android, E-Sports Nebula is the most comprehensive web & mobile app to manage your E-Sports teams of any kind: youth team, recreational team, varsity team… 

E-Sports Nebula gives you instant access to your team from any device: computer, tablet or mobile.

Benefits for Players

  • The accomplishment of being part of a team
  • Hands on training for Leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Your own E-Sports Nebula Profile Page
  • Welcome, support, train and scrimmage against new and old members alike.
  • Represent your School and Team Spirit through the E-Sports League
  • Easy referral platform to increasing awareness of E-Sports in your community
  • Upload your Highlight Videos and Screenshots
  • Improved self-esteem by meeting challenges, opponents and accomplishing goals
  • Networking opportunities to collaborate with other schools and players
  • Player and League Stat Tracking
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