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We’re a group of Esports organizers and athletes who strive to make it easier for students to do their thing.

There is no better place to start or improve your E-Sports Career or Team. Grab some friends, students, parents and teachers and sign up your school or club today! 

Check out our Leagues Center for a complete list of our E-Sports Titles, Tournaments and Seasons. 

Our Platform

Esports Nebula is a team management and E-Education platform that simplifies every aspect of e-sports.

Student Management

Social Media Integration
Personalized and Customize your Player Page
Social profile for our Social Network & Forums

Team Management

Develop your Students
Build your Team
Grow your Program

Esport Education Platform

Help your students become premier candidates for colleges & professional teams through Goal Setting, Cooperation, Teamwork, Self Discipline and Leadership Courses

The best place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your Esports needs.

our Focus

We're here to help!


Manage and view team and player stats
Player and Team profile history 
Full season with division based play-offs

Social profile for players and staff on our Social Network & Forums
Private groups & pages
Email players for group activity


Learn to exude the highest levels of leadership, confidence and sportsmanship to be apart of a winning team

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